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As long-time Colorado Springs residents, the owners of JTFuturequest have seen a myriad of changes to the local real estate market. James and Tina bring a unique understanding to the needs of home buyers, sellers and their realtors. A wide range of skills bundled with a passion to help others is the driving force behind JTFuturequest, Inc.

Over the years, James & Tina have purchased and remodeled over 50 homes. This is the kind of experience Real Estate Professional need to negotiate today's complex market. Years of experience, an outstanding crew of professional, and constant attention to the needs of our clients has made JTFuturequest the "go to" source for home repair and remodeling.

The name JTFuturequest stands for James & Tina's quest for a better future.

We do this by giving back to our community. In addition to the various services we provide our clients, we also gladly donate our time to local organizations such as MOSAIC and PARTNERS IN HOUSING. 

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